The Melford Four

The Bard's Tales

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Darkness and Light: Tales of the Heroes of Melford.

Chapter 1: In the Beginning.

- Meeting in the tavern -The musings of an ex-guardsman
- Alton and Orc -The diary of a hapless halfling
- Melford -The first seed planted
- Spider farm: shadow goblins, rescue daughter, (belt of veteran, book of apprentice, robes)
- Solve melford murder: gave alton the Inn, (Mip’s shield of light)
- Shrine of the Oracle
- Penagalan, found papers
- Gained a house
- Stop armies of goblins/orcs and the tribes
- Destroyed the orb, preventing Blacklutch from stealing Drenches’s body
- Killed Zenegral Bile and Rescued the Prince
- Saved Melford travel to Great Grizalin

Chapter 2: Proving Innocence.

- Arrival in Grizalin
- Banquet to celebrate
- Tiann Kidnapped
- Minas and Earl travel with the Court Wizard of Grizallin to the Shrine.
- Party accused of kidnapping/murder
- Forging of Artifact, kidnapping of Great Wizard
- Travel to Haver to find location of Tombs, convince them to fight, recover the lost Sun stones
- Enter the Tomb, defeat armies, delve deeper
- Meeting and death of Lord Dahl, recovery of his sword
- Earl heir of Dahl
- Saved haver forces from being killed and gained an army
- Located Blacklutch in a body of a Blackwall Guard
- Played a game of cards, managed to escape at a price. Gained a treasure map, Wizard saves
party by making a deal with the demon.
- Descent into the Underlands

Chapter 3: All goes Dark!


Samngliv Melfordite

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