The Mayor of Melford; A small merchant hobbit with abitions higher than his skills.


Alton was a desperate man, dealing with dodgy dealers, and vending in rather exotic trades. However when the politics of Blackwall were rapidly changing, his goals and aspirations for his little dream of a happy little merchant life were suddenly fading away, causing an exodus into other kingdoms and into the little village of Melford.

He became the mayor of Melford through sheer luck and finances, turning this little village into a thriving merchant town. However his greatest achievement in Melford is currently expanding the local pond. Most of the planning and expansion happened naturally and the running of the town when almost literally over his head.


Alton was a merchant trader from the town of Florin in the land of Jargoss. However when the occupation of Ongyill began Alton became one of the travellers of the west to head to the peaceful eastern promised lands of the Grizalin empire. On his way to the city of Blackwall he encounter a half orc from Broug called Grunak, who Alton saved form near death after taking care of him from witnessing him survive an avalanche. Ever since that day Grunak feels in debt to Alton.

They travelled together to the city of Blackwall where they settled down for some years as a travelling merchant from the port town of Geryport to Blackwall. They began to branch out and send exotic orders of interesting items to towns around Blackwall. However with Blackwall politics leaning out of Altons favour he evacuated the new kingdom of Blackwall to the better pastures of Grizalin. In order to protect himself along the journey he hired the assistants of four adventurers: Drenches C.R. Tint, Earl Tangssgym Dahl, Mynas Straggle, and Tiann Liise~Thents, who escorted him to the village of Melford, where he spends the rest his days.


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