King Earl Tangssgym Dahl


King Earl Tangssgym Dahl

Class : Fighter
Race: Human
Level: 8

Strength: 18/79 (+2, +4)
Intelligence: 10
Wisdom: 10
Dexterity: 15 (-1 AC)
Constitution: 15 (+1 hp)
Charisma: 12

Ac: -1/-2 vs Undead
Hp: 60/69 with belt

Alignment: Neutral Good
Height: 6’3’’
Bend Bars: 30%

Earl is a warrior that holds honour and trust close to his heart; an echo of his betrayal at the hands of his former acadamy master. In battle he can often be seen leading the charge, but will fall back without a moments hesitation to lend his shield arm to a comrade in trouble. Recently Earl has been coming to terms with the discovery that he is the long-lost heir to the royal line of the old dragolin empire, one that he has taken in his stride. His leadership qualities suit well to this new-found role, and he is trying to fill the shoes that have been handed to him, but being a diplomat is far different than being a warrior. Still tales have begun to circulate in the East, telling that a prince of old dragolin has returned, adorned in shimmering gold and wielding a powerful dancing blade, to restore peace to the land. In proving both his innocence and bloodline to the court of Great Grizzalin Earl has been granted his own lands surrounding Melford, the kingdom of Tangssgym, and proclaimed as King Dahl.

The Beginning

Born Earl Tangssgym, there was nothing remarkable about Earls upbringing. His family were neither poor nor wealthy, and average pretty much described his entire life. At least up until he joined the Blackwall Fighters Academy. Earl quickly excelled in the famous sword and shield style of Blackwall, besting many of the senior swordsmen in the seasonal tournament. Finally, Earl’s reputation earned him a spot at the grand tourney, a prestigous duelling competition to which only the finest swordsmen were invited with a prize being the prestigous Academy masters masterwork Blackwall tower shield. Round after round, Earl prevailed against fighters with twice his experience, untill he finally reached the finale’. In an unexpected twist, the academy master revealed himself as the final combatant, filling Earl with a great sense of honour at being worthy to fight this local hero. Fighting for what seemed like a lifetime, Earl put his everything into the duel, seeking to prove his worth. As the fight progressed, the Academy master began to see he could not win this duel, and would not see his own reputation damaged, nor loose his precious sheild to one barely into adulthood. Earl began to notice that the master was employing diry tactics, and failing to pull blows that would otherise prove fatal were it not for Earls own skill. Even so, Earl prevailed and was presented with the famed Blackwall tower shield.

The academy masters defeat left him bitter and disgraced, and he harboured a desire for revenge against the young upstart who beat him so easily. And so he set about framing Earl for a host of hideous crimes, many involving murder and rape, often purposely commited by the academy master himself, who left clues to implicate the owner of the Blackwall shield. As the academy master no longer owned this shield, Earl swiftly became Blackwalls most wanted. Seeing his face plastered everywhere, Earl had no other option than to seek the first away from Blackwall. Organising a bodyguard job with an out of town gnomish merchant for the next morning, Earl narrowly escaped being put to death for crimes he did not commit, and left behind unfished business with the despicable academy master…

King Earl Tangssgym Dahl

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