Mynas Straggle


Mynas Straggle

Protector of Grizalin

Class: Inquisitor of Pelor(Cleric)
Level: 8
Race: Human

Str 17 (+1, +1)
Int 16
Wis 19 (+4 save vs magic)
Dex 12
Con 10
Cha 13

Ac -1/-2 vs Undead
HP 56

Alignment: Chaotic Good
Height: 5’11’’
Bend Bars: 7%
Languages: Common, Lawful Evil
Age: 29

After seeing how evil can corrupt even the holy, Mynas has made a vow to purge the world of the darkness threatening to overcome all that is good in Dragolin. Since becoming a disciple of the Oracle, Mynas has quickly risen through the ranks of his new faith, displaying a will to promote the cause of light that has been unseen for many decades. However, his headstrong attitude can lead to him acting on his emotions, rather than with the wisdom that has come to define him, and Mynas will sometimes refuse to back down when faced with evil and injustice, even if the consequences are less than desirable. It has also lead to several quarrels with the other priests of the oracle, as Mynas believes strongly that the old rules and regulations are outdated, and that the faith needs to be portrayed in a more modern tone in order to bring light to the people of Dragolin. Even so, Mynas remains wise beyond his years and often sees opportunity for diplomacy where others would not and on several occasions has offered redemption to enemies, even gaining loyal allies in those who once travelled a much darker road. Whilst diplomacy is his first port of call, Mynas is no stranger to combat, and can often be seen in the thick of battle alongside his friends, providing healing and support whilst showing evil that his mace hand is way strong.

UPDATE: Now High Inquisitor of Pelor, Mynas’ resolve has been tempered in the fires of the Sun God himself. Gone is all doubt, for he has found his calling. Now known as ‘The Purging Flame’, Mynas has cast aside his former life to become something more. Gone is the confused young man trying to stand up for what he believes is right in a place of evil. No, now he will take the fight to them, and he will not be deterred from his goal. Armed with the light of Pelor, and burning with the Flame of Truth, there is no shadow too long, no night too dark, and no evil too great. For the light of Pelor pierces all shadows and reveals the truth to him. Mynas is reborn, and he brings with him the flames of Justice.

The Beginning

For many years Mynas called the town of Blackwall home. Being born into an impoverished background, his parents handed him over to the priesthood at an early age, and Mynas spent many years training as an acolyte in the Blackwall Temple. As a child Mynas would take every opportunity to sneak out of the temple and visit those less fortunate, making many friends amongst the street urchins, often stealing food and even gold from the temple stores to take to them. This, of course, toughened him up far more than your normal acolyte, and he was not unused to a flogging from the priests for his actions. This only spurred him on all the more, and he took solice in the fact that he suffered so that others may suffer less. Even with this somewhat questionable start to life, Mynas developed into a headstrong young man, believing passionately in the cause of good, but having little room for strict rules and regulations, feeling that they only slow the progress of those seeking to make the world a better place. These views often lead him into conflict with the law, with only his clerical status preventing his own arrest on occassion. In his late teens, Mynas studied heard to learn the tennets of faith, seeing it as a potent weapon in his personal fight for good, and became a star pupil. Upon his ordainment, he quickly took to the streets preaching justice for those who have been wronged by society, to the growing displeasure of the elder priests. It was not unheard of for a taxman to recieve a very stern lecture or two from Mynas whilst they went round the poorer districts. Even with a more mature attitude, Mynas still ended up in the odd fight with Guardsmen looking to take their anger out on a foolhardy, gobby young priest. That often did not end well for them however, with Mynas hiding a rather muscular frame for a priest, developed from hours spent sparring with friends in the fighting academy and running away from guardsmen, mostly avoiding the more monotomous priestly duties

Whilst his beliefs and headstrong nature may sometimes cause him to act brashly without thought for consequence, in truth Mynas shows wisdom far beyond his years, and it is this wisdom that lead him to uncovering the growing spread of corruption throughout the city of Blackwall. Mynas noticed that members of his clergy were being replaced, and that the sermons were becoming far harsher in their teachings, some bordering on tyrannical. Knowing he could not stand for this, he decided to seek evidence to prove evil was at work. He broke into one of the high priest’s chambers, and found idols devoted to dark gods, and signed papers warrenting a so called ‘cleansing of the streets’…. In reality this was the systematic killing of those that Mynas cared most for, innocent people being slaughtered so that the city might look ‘prettier’. It was at that point Mynas confronted a senior priest about what was going on, and was met with two options… Covert to a path of evil or be branded a heretic an burned in a public execution. That night Mynas escaped down one of the hidden passages he used as a child, and fled to the Inn. There he saw an advert for a caravan guard job posted on the board, which was to leave in the morning, and swiftly set about escaping the hellhole he once called his home.

Embracing the Light

After the Demise of St Antano and the Rise of Dahl to his place in the heavens, the Sibyls dissolved, as they were no longer needed. Mynas travelled to the Citadel in Haver Forest, leading the remaining Sibyls to become Priests and Priestesses of the Five. Mynas was key to setting up this new religion, but in his heart he felt a different calling. One morning he awoke and found that he could stare into the sun with no pain. He heard a voice calling him far to the West, and in his mind saw a great Spire made of Glass within a Grand city. And so Mynas travelled, giving praise to the Sun, for he had felt the rebirth of Pelor the Sun God. His journey was long and arduous and filled with peril, but Mynas arrived in the land of Sylbatch at the city of Dwine. There he found the Grand temple of Pelor, and pledged himself to carry out Pelor’s will. The priests, also feeling the return of their diety took Mynas’ pilgrimage as a sign, and appointed him High Inquisitor of Pelor. Mynas spent many months studying the role of Inquisitor, and emerged a brighter flame than ever before, his resolve made strong in the light of Pelor. He had finally found his calling. He was no longer Mynas Straggle, renegade priest of blackwall, saviour of St Antano. No, he was the Purging flame, High Inquisitor of Pelor, and his light would pierce through the ever growing darkness and bring peace to this land. He is the chosen of the Sun God, the light of rebirth, the flame of retribution. He is Judge, Jury and Executioner.

Mynas Straggle

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