Tiann Liise~Thents

A Master Manipulator playing at being a Hero.


Tiann Liise~Thents

Class: Thief
Level: ?
Race: Human

Str: 11
Int: 15
Wis: 11
Dex: 18
Con: 10
Cha: 17

AC: ?
HP: ?

“…Ruthless and calculating the self-made rogue of Melford is known and avoided by most. Although seemingly meek and of no consequence Tiann is not to be taken lightly. Many have made that same mistake upon meeting her and none have lived to tell of her exploits. From a table across from the bar she smiles coyly at a young gentleman, his finely stitched tunic reveals both his wealth and naivity. Mark set, she rises elegantly from her perch and begins to approach, both amber eyes fixed upon her prey. His attention is caught immediately and an overconfident smirk begins to develop on his lips. His greedy eyes and over-used mouth unknowingly betray what would seem a smug victory, a sight she recognised all too well. His mind begins to contemplate what to do with his latest prize, placing his recently deceased glass of wine on the wooden bar he quickly reassesses his physical apperance. However when he turns his attention back to the alluring woman he is shocked and outraged to find that she is nowhere to be seen. His indignation quickly fades being replaced with an unexplainable feeling of dread, which is then immediately fortified by the razor-sharp blade that he can feel slivering around his exposed neck. A haunting whisper invades his ear, which is followed by the alleviation of a much too heavy coin purse. He lets out a quivering sigh as the blade is withdrawn from his now sweat covered neck signalling the end of the terrifying ordeal. He tries to call out for help, but quickly realises as the door to the tavern closes shut that she is already gone…”

Tiann Liise~Thents

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