Grizzalin is the empire residing from Fenwhick Grizzard of the Great Five. In times gone by Grizzalin occupied the whole of the Dragolin Isle, but due to political and economic intentions the Grizzalin empire diminished into the Dragolin commonwealth.

The Grizzalin Empire is bureaucratic monarchy ruled by the great King Henry Grizzard and his son Prince Earl Grizzard the heir to the throne. Beneath the Monarch is the Council of Lords a bureaucratic circle of men who run the kingdom beneath the King.

Grizalin claims to be the last true owners of the throne of Dragolin with the only blood family to the great five. The kingdom is a lawful good land, that fights accross the lands in honour and name of the great five. With the invasion of Istne’Pa to Ogungyil and the rebellion of Blackwall King Grizzard is desperate to keep the east peaceful and not to be wrought of the chaos of the west. Their armies fight against the uprising evil at the cost of old allies becoming enemies, as well as political tension within the rule of Grizzalin.

To the South of the lands of Dragolin is the Great Chasm to which Grizalin claims ownership to but scouts reports of the area either don’t return or claim to be impossible to enter.


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