This extraordinary stone tower stands atop the snow covered peaks of Gax. The master of the Tower, Drenches Tint is said to have brought forth the structure from the very depths of the mountains. White-Wall as it is known by many was constructed as a meeting point for those seeking greater knowledge and or wishing to study the ways of magic and sorcery. It is rumoured that it was so named to provide an antithesis to the dark empires of Blackwall, a beacon of hope for those whose dreams of liberation and peace had begun to waver.

The academy itself is said to boast a vast library of arcane and miscellaneous texts, as well as study rooms for all that wish them. Travellers from all corners of Triune are welcomed with open arms, many simply seeking to witness such a miracle, others with the thirst for knowledge in their hearts and some who wish to worship at the Temple of Bel Shazzar.

The Tower and surrounding village is alleged to be under the protection of Giant Lords and other magical creatures bonded to the Master of the Tower. Therefore inhabitants of White-Wall are relatively well shielded from the advances of Blackwall and Grizalin.



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