Two corrupted souls of former enemies forged into one.


The infamous thorn in the side of the Melford Four. This soulless horror, was once a powerful Archmage of Blackwall. He endeavoured to elevate himself to Godhood, however his experiments failed and his essence became encased in a magical orb. Using the Orb he attempted to gain control of the apprentice wizard Drenches Tint and claw his way back onto the physical plane. His carefully laid plans were smashed into little pieces, literally, as Drenches Tint destroyed the Orb of Blacklutch.

It is then that Blacklutch managed to enter the body of another, a soldier who had trained along side the now King of Melford, Earl Tangssgym. His abilities to wield mighty magics and his mastery of hand to hand combat made him a formidable opponent and unfortunately Earl and Mynas Straggle failed to save the acolytes of the Oracle.

Another chance encounter deep within Dahl’s final resting place was almost the undoing for their nemesis. Blacklutch hurled great balls of flame against the party, who in return attempted to bind the abomination with divine energies. Minas Straggle’s faith won through and their opponent was held solidly in place. Victory was in their grasp, or so they thought. A dimensional portal cut through the fabric of reality, shimmered into existence and Blacklutch was pulled through. He had once again escaped and would no doubt one day return again.


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