Lochar Delor

A reformed drow Fighter and Alchemist.


Class: Fighter
Level: 5
Race: Drow

Str 15
Int 12
Wis 9
Dex 13
Con 10
Cha 10

Hp 45
Ac 3


For almost a century Lochar Delor dwelt in the dark and perilous Underlands of Dragolin. He was trained to fight with rapier and crossbow and developed a distinct passion for alchemy. His skills in this art led to the development of various toxins and poisons for use upon the battlefield itself. Working his way up the ranks, he eventually achieved the title of Iron General in the Drow elite guard. However unbeknownest to him a particular routine patrol within the tunnels of the Slivering Overlord would change his fortune forever.

The light of a partially concealed fire flashed across my vision. Within the excavated cavern huddled in furs and blankets slept 3 humans. Finally an opportunity for battle. Suddenly an outcry in common emerged from the furthest point of the room awakening the slumbering humans, who quickly snatched up nearby weapons. They were clearly well rehearsed. In we charged, swords brandished before us as we quickly closed in around them. I locked swords with a particularly imposing figure clad in shining golden plate mail. Screams of terror echoed around me as crackling bolts of lightning slammed into several of my kinsmen, catapulting them back against the wall. Another gargled cry and two blades emerged from the chest of another soldier, spraying blood through the air, whilst a fourth struggled to defend himself from a series of hammer blows to the head. The warrior I parried with would most certainly have my head clean off in a moment, time to attempt negotiations.
I dropped my weapon to the floor and pleaded the virtues and information I could still offer if only they would allow me to keep a tight grasp on my life. A tall man robed in what can only be described as rags not fit for even a goblin to wear strode towards me. He spoke of freedom and identity, suggesting that I join with them and escape to forge my own future and destiny. Something in his words spoke true, even to my heart of darkness and that was the moment I grasped control of my life.

After fleeing the burning city of kitsualt aboard a sea vessel along with the Melford Four and hundreds of migrating citizens, they eventually safely landed at the port of Gaxx. There the party made the long journey back to the famed Village of Melford. Lochar has since established an alchemy shop within the swiftly growing city and continues to supply the general public with various compounds and potions. He awaits the return of his beloved, Tiann Liise Thents.

Lochar Delor

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