Zenegral Bile

A magic wielding leader of war.


Zenegral Bile attempted to make a name for himself by raising an army of bugbears and invading the village of Melford. He had collected a number of vile creatures which he planned to release onto the populace of Melford. However his vile plans were thwarted by a small party of inexperienced adventurers.

Firstly the creatures were prematurely released whilst still within the underground complex. This resulted in the rampage of a particularly enraged many headed hydra. Whilst Zenegral attempted to restore order and organise his forces against the advances of this beast, a nasty surprise awaited him in the form of a young female opportunist. Tiann Liise-Thents, under the concealment of an invisibility spell plunged her daggers into the unprotected back of the wizard. Her aim was true and the wizard met an untimely and bloody death, coincidently starting up a path that would eventually lead to her nickname, Mage-Slayer.

The hydra was slain, the Prince of Grizallin rescued and the Village of Melford was once again safe from the evil that sought to consume it. Drenches Tint had his first taste of real power taking from the wizard his spellbooks and also the fabled Staff of Light.

Zenegral Bile

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