Theriduel - Family blade of Lord Dahl

An ancient blade with a sentience of its own, and a vendetta against the forces of evil.

weapon (melee)

Intelligence: 19


  • Dancing Blade
  • Detect gems-number and kind in 1’ radius
  • Detect magic in 1’ radius
  • ESP with wielder
  • Speech and empathy

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Purpose: Slay non-human monsters

Special purpose power: Fear for 1-4 rounds

Languages known: Good, Common, Bronze dragon, Sprite, Gargoyle, Hobgoblin, Orcish, Gnome

Dahl’s Blade is a powerful sword of dancing that becomes progressively and doubly dangerous. It gains a +1 enchantment bonus per round of melee combat, up to a maximum of +4, but dropping again to +1 on the 5th round. The wielder can opt to allow the blade to ‘Dance’. ‘Dancing’ consists of losing the sword from your hand (such as throwing it a short distance) at any round when the bonus is at +1. The sword then fights at the same level and combat capabilities as its wielder, doing so for 4 rounds. Thereafter, it must again be grasped, as it automatically returns to its wielder, with a +1 bonus again. Relieved of their weapon for 4 rounds, the wielder may act in virtually any manner desired, and so long as they remain within 5’ or less of the sword (otherwise it falls to the ground and is at +1 again when grasped), the posessor may rest, discharge missiles or even draw another weapon and engage in melee combat alongside the blade.


This Blade was lost for centuries, buried with the great Lord Dahl deep within a mighty marble tomb. However, Dahl was cursed by the forces of darkness to suffer an unholy half-life after death, possessed of all his memories and personality, knowing that he had become what he despised most.

After many centuries a group of adventurers made an expedition into the very tomb where Dahl was buried and discovered Dahl’s resting chamber. It was revealed to one of the party, Earl Tangssgym, that he was in fact the long lost descendant of Dahl himself and that his family had been in hiding to shield them from the rising evil Dahl fought against. Dahl wished for the party to end his suffering and grant him eternal rest, presenting Earl with Theriduel as a final gift. The party granted Dahl’s wish and his soul was finally able to move on, and Earl recieved Theriduel. The blade proved that Earl was Dahls ancestor, as Theriduel may only be wielded by on of the Dahl bloodline and set into motion a chain of events that would reshape the land of Dragolin for many years to come.

Theriduel - Family blade of Lord Dahl

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