The Sibyl's Light

The shaft of this silver and bronze mace bears the inscription: 'May the light of the oracle smite the foul stench of Undeath'

weapon (melee)


  • 1,3 vs Undead
  • +1 Turning level
  • Destroys undead creatures on a critical hit
  • Becomes wreathed in blue flames when Undead are near

Commissioned by the cleric and Sybil, Mynas Straggle, and enchanted by the Grand cleric of the Oracle and the mighty [Court wizard of Great Grizalin], this powerful mace is the bane of all things Undead. Incorporating a magic holy symbol of the purest quartz into its hilt, and it’s ornate bronze and silver head infused with positive energies and arcane enchantments, this weapon is indeed a powerful ally to any who oppose the living dead. When such a foe is present, blue flames burst into life around the head of the mace, a clear sign of the weapons purpose: to purge the world of the unnatural blight of undeath. When used in battle this becomes even more apparent, as the weapon inflicts grevious wounds upon these unnatural creatures, but also lends its strength to the cleric in other ways, increasing the priests ability to banish such horrors. The weapons most powerful ability reveals itself less often, but tales tell that a particulary powerful blow unleashes an immense surge of positive energy, channeling power straight from The Oracle itself, that completely destroys the most vile of creatures that are the undead, tearing them asunder in a great flash of divine power.

The Sibyl's Light

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